• We make sure that the Florida Vital Records Office formally receives the order thus avoiding any delays or rejections, where refunds are very rarely provided.

    • A large number of orders received by the Florida Vital Records Office are sent with incomplete and/or incorrect information (non-elegible requestors, wrong payment amounts, unaccepteds forms of payment). Most Vital Records Offices do not issue refunds, even if the order cannot be processed. TRAMITA revises each order to prevent costly application rejections.

  • We use our experience and resources to have your certificate processed as fast and cost-effective as possible.

    • Our team of experts keeps an updated database of all contact information pertaining to each Vital Records Office at both state and county level. We guarantee up-to-date and accurate contact data without the need to search online for information that may be obsolete or phone numbers that redirect you to automated systems. We jumpstart the process without unwanted delays.

  • We offer LEGALIZATION of documents. All in one order!

    • We will obtain certified/exemplified copies of your Florida certificates and continue with the necessary steps to obtain the  Apostille or Certificate of Authentication requiredfor the country where it will be used.

  • We offer International Express Shipping.

    • There is no reason why sending your certificates outside of the U.S. shouldn’t be easy!

    • While a few Vital Records Offices may provide standard “International Economy Mail”, TRAMITA gives you the option of selecting “International Express Mail” with free tracking included.

  • We offer services in other countries, too!  Mexico, UK, Brazil, Spain, France, ... and many more!

    • Zertifica Group has websites and offices in many countries worldwide. Please inquire about the country you would like to request a record from and we will gladly provide you with the necessary information.

The Order Processing Department of Tramita

Tramita is completely independent from any US Vital Records Office or any other US governing agencies. With many years of experience, we help you to locate and receive the correct vital records certificate. If needed we can also take all the legalization process of your documents. All in one form and one order!. As always, you may prefer to order the certificate directly from a corresponding Vital Records Office, nevertheless you will not benefit from the experience and effectiveness of the local personnel Tramita LLC has to offer.