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they should notify TRAMITA. The informant will not be held responsible for any effects their message may have.

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Private Policy and Personal Data Protection

In compliance with Personal Data Protection Law, we can confirm that information provided to TRAMITA derived from the continuous process of servicing, shipping, and billing of certificates, will be incorporated into a secured, encrypted TRAMITA file.

Proper handling of information ensures a correct contractual and administrative relationship with our clients, and is employed in the processing of all orders and billing. TRAMITA will not use your information for any other reason than what was previously described.

The fact that you provide us with personal information, implicates your consent to the incorporation of said information into the previously-mentioned TRAMITA file, and subsequent use of this information, for the purposes described above.

You have the right to deny further permission to access your information, as well as the right to access, modify, cancel, and remove your information by sending a request by any means you choose that would include certified delivery and receipt, to the following address: TRAMITA – 228 Park Ave S #73035 – New York, NY 10003-1502; alternatively you can send your request by email to: .

In compliance with Personal Data Protection Law, TRAMITA is committed to ensure that all personal information remains secret and confidential. Based on that, TRAMITA will employ any necessary means to ensure that your information is not altered, lost, seen, or accessed by un-authorized parties.

You, as the user, should guarantee that all personal information provided to us on our website is correct and you, as the user, will be fully responsible for identifying any necessary modification to the information provided so that it accurately reflects your current situation.

TRAMITA reserves the right to modify the current Privacy Policy in order to adapt it to legislative innovations, jurisprudence, or interpretations of Personal Data Protection Law. When the Prviacy Policy is modified, TRAMITA will, with due notice and clear indication, announce and detail any changes made, and, where necessary, request the users acceptance of such changes.

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