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A certified copy is a copy of a primary document, that has on it an endorsement or certificate marking that it is a true copy of the primary document. It does not certify that the primary document is genuine. It is only a true copy of the primary document. A certified copy may be required for official government or court purposes and for commercial purposes.

A non-certified copy is a plain paper copy of a birth record. Non-certified copies are for informational use only and cannot be used for legal purposes.

Rush service

For requests of additional legalized copies there is no Rush Service available. Rush Service only for 1 legalized copy.


If needed for legal purposes in another country, you will need an Apostille or a Certificate of Authentication. Add $55.00 per certificate if you require this serviceAdd $85.00 per certificate if you require this service.

Click here for more information about legalizations.

Legalizations are for legal-use in a FOREIGN country, please select the correct country you need the legalization service for

Delivery information

Physical address required, as many Vital Records Offices will only mail to the address on the valid photo ID and some mail couriers do not ship to PO Boxes. Contact us if you are unable to provide a physical mailing address and we will offer a solution.

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  • All email communication from customers as well as the upload of any documentation or forms required by law and that TRAMITA may require to process the on-line orders must be done only through the MY ORDER page - -.
  • No other forms of sending required documentation, ID, application forms or consent forms are advisable i.e. regular mail, or personal delivery at our offices as they may be lost or the expected delivery times increased. TRAMITA may not be held responsible if any customer decides to use any other means to send the documentation other than through the MY ORDER page - -.
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Once the order is received the customer will receive an automatic email confirming the order was sent (the Order Confirmation email is sent to the email address provided by the customer when completing the online application form).. This email also contains all the data provided in the corresponding online application form by the customer and we suggest that the customer reviews all submitted information and immediately sends information of any necessary correction. Any incorrect information may mean that the correct certificate cannot be found.

In order to provide the opportunity to correct any submitted data before handling and sending to the corresponding Vital Records Office TRAMITA gives all customers a 24 hour period without charge to do so..

This 24 hour period can also be used by all customers to, if necessary, cancel the order that was sent without any charge or any questions asked. A refund of the full amount is credited to the card used to pay the order within the next 48 hours . From this point, the timescale for reception of the refund will depend only on the relevant customer Bank or Credit Card company. When the refund is completed the order is closed and Tramita will send an email communication confirming the refund and closure of order. Once this is done, the order can not be reactivated. If the customer wishes to order a new certificate they must complete a new online application form and follow the payment procedure.

The 24 hour period starts right after the order is sent and confirmed by Tramita by means of an automatic email (Order Confirmation email).

As explained, since these documents are unique and personalized TRAMITA can only accept order cancellations within the previously mentioned 24 hour period that begins after the order is sent or if the process has not been commenced by one of our employees.

Our online service is open to the legal profession and general public to obtain original certified copies of US state vital records. These documents may be ordered directly from the relevant government agency at a lower cost. When using our online ordering service, the (online) processing fee is included to cover the cost of providing a secure online ordering service, expert assistance and thorough review of all pertinent information to ensure compliance with government laws and regulation.

We consider that the processing of an order has started when the first email communication is sent by our Customer Service team.

We stress that, even if the certificate hasn’t been issued by the Vital Records Office, at first communication Tramita had already to process the order and dedicate personnel to its handling and analysis, for example:

  • certification of the requesters eligiblity as a requester in accordance with State and Federal law;
  • review of the information or documentation sent;
  • request of the documentation that is required by State or Federal law to request the personal document;
  • acknowledgement of receipt and acting according to the certificate type,
  • manual search of the county or borough where the record is held or might be held in case of incorrect information, missing information or even due to the fact that the requestor does not know the exact required information;

Tramita most probably had to pay some required fees in advance besides other inherent business costs.

Because of the previously stated reasons, and once an order has been placed and the process commenced, requests for a refund of the service fee will not be accepted except in the cases mentioned below.

Also, take into account that fees charged by the Vital Records Office are non-refundable, since these fees are considered search/service fees, regardless of whether the record is found or not. Where possible please confirm that the information provided is exact. If any information is not exact, please mention that on the order form to assist the Vital Records Office in the search for the record you require.

TRAMITA will not be held responsible for the contents of a certificate, as these items are based on information held on the systems of the Vital Records Office. TRAMITA does not have access to said certificate contents prior to receiving the certificate. Any queries/complaints regarding the contents must be dealt with by the relevant Vital Records Office.

Though it is optional, we strongly suggest that the customer completes the field asking for the reason behind requesting the certificate. As in some cases, they might need to add a specific note/stamp to process the certificate according to your needs. If the order form does not state the reason for request, TRAMITA cannot be held responsible if the certificate delivered is not what the customer or requester required.

Also if the customer has any deadline to present the required certificate we strongly advise the customer to mention the same. With this information and taking into consideration the average processing times of the Vital Records Office and likely shipping times involved, our Customer Service team will advise you on the best options that may even include advice to cancel the order and fully refund the amount paid (if no fees were paid by Tramita).

For more information see PROCESS TIMES in all of our online application forms, our FAQ page - - or here in the Process Time paragraphs.

In the case that the customer orders multiple copies of the certificate, the Vital Records Office has the right to send fewer copies if they believe that the client does not need the number requested. In these cases, and since this is an issue of the Vital Records Office, TRAMITA can not be held responsible for the customer receiving fewer copies than were ordered. This issue is another reason why we strongly suggest completing the reason for request field stating why you need multiple copies. TRAMITA will not be held responsible if the field is left blank or for the Vital Records Office´s decision. In these cases and after confirmation by the Vital records Office of the number of copies to be issued, TRAMITA will refund the corresponding amount for the number of copies that were not issued by the Vital Records Office.

In these cases, and if the customer wishes to receive additional copies of a certificate, a new order must be made and the customer must fill in a new online application form.

There will be one total fee charged per order,, based on the items requested in the submitted online application form, and this total fee will be charged directly to the customer's credit card. The customer will receive a receipt of the transaction from our payment carrier apart from the charge being itemized by the customer bank or credit card company on their respective account statement. This will be considered as a receipt.

TRAMITA reserves the right to keep a service fee ($49.00 plus tax) and no refunds will be made of this service fee if no communication is received from the customer within one month of our last communication sent. An email reminder communication will be sent to the customer and if no answer is received within 24 hours the order will be closed and cannot be reactivated. Any other fees and any other additional services ordered by the customer that were charged by TRAMITA will be where possible, fully refunded and credited directly to the card* used by the customer to pay for the order or a cashier's check will be sent to the address provided by the customer for the order. (*From this moment on the time taken to deliver the refund will depend only on the relevant customer Bank or Credit Card company).

In some cases it is, according to State Law, obligatory for the requestor to complete an application form or release/consent form to proceed with an order. Do take into consideration that to obtain certain certificates onlinethe Vital Records Office will require original signatures from the eligible requestor.

Also, Government agencies will require identification documents, such as a current government photo ID (e.g. driver’s license, passport, etc.) without which the required certificates or documents will not be issued.

For this reason, TRAMITA Customer Service team, after analyzing the type of certificate or document required, will inform the customer through an email communication, of all the documents we may need in order to process the online request together with the Vital Records Office and/or Government Agency.

After 24 hours of placing the order, if the customer or requester wishes to cancel the online order, TRAMITA LLC will keep a service fee of $10.00 or $12.00, according to the state where the certificate will be obtained from. The service fee is kept to cover pre-paid fees and inherent business costs. The remaining amount to be refunded will be processed by the Payments Department within 48 hours of the refund amount being confirmed by the customer. The agreement must be a written agreement made online written by the person who made the payment.

The mentioned fee is $12 for the following states/cities:

  • TX – TEXAS

Where possible, refund amounts will be credited directly to the card* used by the customer to pay the order or with a cashier's check sent to the address provided by the customer in the order that was received. (*From this moment the time to receive the refund depends on the customer Bank or Credit Card company).

The impossibility on the customer or requesters part to send the required documents or forms via email through the MY ORDER web page will not give the customer entitlement to a full refund and so a fee of $10 will be applied.

Due to State Laws, it is mandatory to provide a legible and clear valid photo ID. Depending on the State it can also be mandatory to provide a consent form, sworn statement, affidavit or notarized documents; or even an original application form completed and signed by the eligible requestor.

If the valid photo ID / Consent form or any other document required by State Law, uploaded through MY ORDER site is not clearly legible once printed, the Vital Records Office may reject the application without refunding the stated fee.

Tramita will ask our customer's at least 3 times to provide a clearly legible document to avoid rejection of the application by the Vital Records Office. If the customer cannot provide a clearly legible document and valid photo ID as required, the order will be closed and considered canceled.

If no email communication is received from the customer within one month of our last communication sent and the required documents are not provided, TRAMITA reserves the right to keep its established service fee ($49.00 plus tax). No refunds will be made of this service fee and TRAMITA will consider the order cancelled.

We will accept requests for partial refunds in the following cases only:

  • For any additional services that we have not yet commenced such as:
    • Legalization Service,
    • Apostille Service,
    • International shipping,
    • Special domestic shipping service.

For this to happen, the customer must inform TRAMITA of their need as soon as possible and a partial refund request will only be accepted if our company can confirm that the process of these additional services was not commenced.

When confirmed to the customer by email a refund for the full amount paid only for these services will be issued in the next 48hours. Where possible, refund amounts will be credited directly to the card* used by the customer to pay the order or the refund will be done with a cashier's check sent to the address provided by the customer in the order that was received. (*From this point the time to receive the refund will depend only on the customer Bank or Credit Card company).

If you are ordering additional services, the overall process time will increase due to the need of first having to receive the certificate ordered before the additional service can be processed.

To have a certificate legalized, the overall process time can also be affected by any possible delays at the Secretary of State’s Office, which they normally will notify us of if they are planned delays.

If the required country in which the document will be used is a signatory of the Hague Convention we can then certify a document for foreign use by obtaining an Apostille. Apostilles normally take less time to obtain than a Certificate of Authentication which is for countries that are not signatories.

A Certificate of Authentication requires an extra seal/signature from the US Department of State. Depending on the state where the event is registered, extra steps may be required before the certificate can be legalized which will even further delay the total process.

All estimated process times do not reflect delivery times, as this depends on the form of delivery offered by the Vital Records Office or corresponding Government agency and whether international shipping was requested.

Any delays or incidents involving mail services are not TRAMITA's responsibility.

To help avoid any problems with the delivery, make sure that the delivery address is complete and that the name given is also listed on the mailbox at the delivery address. PO Boxes are not accepted. Physical addresses are preferred, taking into account that Government agencies, Vital Records Offices, and companies like FedEx and UPS do not ship to these addresses.

If the Vital Records Office is unable to provide a certificate (incomplete/incorrect information, not recorded, etc.), no refund is given as the Vital Records Office considers it a service/search fee, not a fee to produce a certificate.

This is why it is important to provide as much information as possible, which is as accurate as possible. Almost all Vital Records Offices charge service/search fees if exact information is not given.

In the case that the client provides information that is not totally accurate for the search, with prior consent of the client, we reserve the right to conduct more extensive searches using information that may not appear on the order form.

The process time depends on the Vital Records Office where the record is located, stated reason (i.e.: Apostille/Certificate of Authentication, for legal use, and other), time of year, and if a rush service is chosen and/or available.

The national average for Vital Record Offices to process an order is aprox. 4 weeks.

Note that some Vital Record Offices have longer process times.

This is possibly due to several reasons, such as high workloads at the state agency, short staff, non-computerized searches, etc. According to our experience, some examples would be California 4-6 weeks, Texas 6-8 weeks, New York State 10-12 weeks, etc.

Tramita is committed to obtain all ordered certificates in the fastest way fully using our experience and resources available nevertheless we cannot promise a specific date of delivery.

If the customer has a deadline to present the required certificate we do ask that they mention the same. With this information and taking into consideration the average processing times of the Vital Records Office, our Customer Service team will advise you of the best option that may even include a recommendation to cancel and process a refund of the amount paid (if no fees were paid by Tramita).

The customer is entitled to cancel an order and ask for refund at any moment but delay in the average period for shipping will not be considered as a valid reason for full refund.

As stated previously Tramita reserves the right to keep a service fee ($49.00 plus tax) and no refund will be made of this service fee. The remaining amounts paid will be refunded immediately after customer confirmation. Where possible, the refund amount will be credited directly to the card* used by the customer to pay for the order or a cashier's check will be sent to the address provided by the customer in the order that was received.(*From this point the time to receive the refund depends on the customer Bank or Credit Card company).

For more accurate processing time averages contact our Customer Service Team through the MY ORDER page - -.

If a client decides to present a chargeback for a particular order TRAMITA will analyze the presented reason and if we consider the customer is right a full refund will be issued. If, on the other hand, we consider that the presented/stated reason is not valid or true TRAMITA will present all information available we might have to dispute the chargeback. When the final decision is in favor of TRAMITA, a service fee of $50 ($49.00 plus tax) will be charged and the remaining amounts paid, minus any fee previously paid by TRAMITA will be refunded. No refund will be made of this service fee.

Please have in mind that chargeback processes are long since information has to be sent to the banks and analyzed.

If the client needs a refund we advise then to get in contact with our Customer Service team via My Order web page - -. and inform us. This will save both parties time!

Where possible, the refunded amount will be credited directly to the card* used by the customer to pay for the order or a cashier's check will be sent to the address provided by the customer in the order that was received.(*From this point the time to receive the refund depends on the customer's Bank or Credit Card company).

Finally, a special entry for those who fought for their country: If any of our customers are Veterans please mention it on the order application form that you send. Tramita will offer a refund of $10 per order to all Veterans.

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